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The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a federal agency that works hand-in-hand with the people of Rhode Island to improve and protect their soil, water and other natural resources. For decades, private landowners have voluntarily worked with NRCS specialists to prevent erosion, improve water quality and promote sustainable agriculture. 

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Raytheon Employees Wildlife Habitat Committee
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative RI
RENEW Energy Initiative
Renew New England Alliance
Renewable Energy New England
Renewable Now
Resilient RI
Resist Hate RI
Resources Recycling for RI Education
Resources Recycling for RI Education
Revive the Roots Foundatiion
Rhode Island Energy Aggregation Program (REAP)
Rhode Islanders for Affordable Energy
Rhode Islanders for Reform
Rhode Islanders for Safe Technology
Rhodeside Revival
Rhody Ag
Rhody Fly Rodders
Rhody Native
Rhody Ramble: Family Adventures in Rhode Island
Rhody Warm
Rhody Worms ~ a Coop
RI 4-H
RI Adult Education Professional Development Center
RI Afterschool Plus Alliance
RI Agricultural Cooperative Extension
RI Agricultural Council
RI Agricultural Partnership
RI Alliance for Business Resilience
RI Alliance for Healthy Homes
RI Aquaculture Initiative
RI Asbestos Advisory Board
RI Association of Conservation Commissions
RI Association of Conservation Districts
RI Association of Railroad Passengers
RI Atomic Energy Commission
RI Avian Records Committee
RI Bays, Rivers, and Watersheds Coordination Team
RI Beekeepers Association
RI Begonia Society
RI Bike Coalition
RI Bird Atlas Project
RI Bird Photography
RI Birders
RI Blueways Alliance
RI Brewers Guild
RI Builders Association
RI Building Code Commission
RI Business Climate Leaders
RI Canoe/Kayak Association
RI Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects
RI Christmas Tree Growers Association
RI Clean Water Association
RI Clean Water Finance Agency
RI Climate Change
RI Climate Change Collaborative
RI Coalition for the Homeless
RI Coalition to End Homelessness
RI Coastal Access
RI College
RI College Green Team
RI College Office of Sustainability
RI College Outreach Program
RI Commerce Corporation
RI Committee on Occupational Safety & Health
RI Community Food Bank
RI Community Health Center Association
RI Composites Alliance
RI Conservation Stewardship Collaborative
RI Consulting Engineers
RI Contractor's Registration and Licensing Board
RI Council for Economic Education
RI Coverts Project
RI Dahlia Society
RI DEM Bureau of Environmental Protection
RI DEM Bureau of Natural Resources
RI DEM Department of Environmental Management (HQ)
RI DEM Division of Agriculture
RI DEM Division of Coastal Resources
RI DEM Division of Fish & Wildlife
RI DEM Division of Forest Environment
RI DEM Division of Parks & Recreation
RI DEM Division of Planning and Development
RI DEM Freshwater & Anadromous Fisheries
RI DEM Hunter Education Center
RI DEM Land Revitalization and Sustainable Materials Management
RI DEM Marine Fisheries Division
RI DEM Office of Air Resources
RI DEM Office of Compliance & Inspection
RI DEM Office of Criminal Investigation
RI DEM Office of Customer and Technical Assistance
RI DEM Office of Emergency Response
RI DEM Office of Water Resources
RI DEM Permit Application Center
RI DEM Planning
RI DEM Sustainable Watersheds Office
RI DEM Wildlife Management Division
RI Department of Corrections Education Department
RI Department of Education
RI Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs
RI Disaster Animal Response Team
RI Distributed Generation Contracts Board
RI Division of Planning Legislative Task Force on Wetlands and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS)
RI Division of Statewide Planning
RI DOH Center for Food Protection
RI DOH Department of Health
RI DOH Division of Environmental and Health Services Regulations
RI DOT Department of Transportation
RI DOT Highway & Bridge Maintenance Division
RI DOT Infrastructure Development Division
RI DOT Intermodal Planning Section
RI DOT Planning & Program Development Division
RI EC4 - Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council (EC4)
RI EC4 Advisory Board
RI EC4 Science and Technology Advisory Board (STAB)
RI Educational Opportunity Center
RI Emergency Management Agency
RI Environmental Education Association
RI Environmental Health Association
RI Environmental Monitoring Collaborative
RI Envirothon
RI Families in Nature
RI Family Literacy Initiative
RI Farm Bureau
RI Farm Bureau Land Trust
RI Farm Energy Program
RI Federation of Garden Clubs
RI Fermentation Technicians
RI Fish and Game Protective Association
RI Fishermen's Alliance
RI Flood Mitigation Association
RI Food Center at URI
RI Food Policy Council
RI Forest Conservators Organization
RI Foundation
RI Fruit Growers Assocation
RI Future
RI Future Farmers of America
RI Geological Survey
RI Geology Survey
RI GIS Executive Committee
RI Greenhouse Gas Process
RI Greenhouse Growers Association
RI Habitat Restoration Team
RI HEALTH Office of Drinking Water Quality
RI Healthy Schools Coalition
RI Hiking Club ~ Walks and Rambles Meetup
RI Historical Cemetery Commission
RI Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission
RI Historical Society
RI History Online Directory Initiative (RHODI)
RI Horticultural Society
RI Housing Resources Commission
RI Indian Council
RI Infrastructure Bank
RI Interfaith Coalition to Reduce Poverty
RI Interfaith Power & Light
RI Jobs with Justice
RI Kids Count
RI Land and Water Partnership
RI Land Trust Council
RI Land Trust Days Meetup
RI League of Cities and Towns
RI Literacy Cohort
RI Lobstermen's Association
RI Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
RI Marine Animal Patrol
RI Marine Archaeology Project
RI Marine Trades Association
RI Middle Passage Project
RI Mineral Hunters
RI Mobile Sportsfishermen Club
RI Mosquito Abatement Board
RI Museum of Science and Art
RI National Flood Insurance Program
RI National Wildlife Refuge Complex
RI Natural Heritage Preservation Commission
RI Natural Heritage Program
RI Natural History Survey
RI Nuclear Science Center
RI Nuclear Science Center / Atomic Energy Commission
RI Nursery & Landscape Association
RI NWR Complex: Events, Activities, & Volunteers Meetup
RI Office of Energy Resources
RI Orchid Society
RI Organic Advisory Board
RI Organizing Project
RI Osprey Monitoring Program
RI Outdoor Recreation Council
RI Partnership for Community Schools
RI Party & Charter Boat Association
RI Petroleum Savings and Independence Advisory Commission
RI Public Health Institute
RI Public Rail Corporation
RI Public Transit Authority
RI Public Utilities Commission
RI Public Works Association
RI Raised Livestock Association
RI Recreation and Parks Association
RI Regional Adult Learning (RIRAL)
RI Renewable Energy Fund
RI Resource Conservation & Development Area Council
RI Resource Protection Project
RI Resource Recovery Corporation
RI Rivers Council
RI Rose Society
RI Rural Development Council
RI Saltwater Anglers Association
RI Schools Recycling Club
RI Science & Technology Advisory Council
RI Science and Technology Advisory Council
RI Science Teachers Association
RI Sea Grant
RI Seafood
RI Sheep Cooperative
RI Shellfisherman's Association
RI Shoreline Access Coalition
RI Slave History Medallions Project
RI Small Farms Coalition
RI Society of Building Officials
RI Society of Environmental Professionals
RI Society of Professional Engineers
RI Society of Professional Land Surveyors
RI Solar Energy Association
RI Space Grant Consortium
RI Spring Flower & Garden Show
RI State Climate Office
RI State Conservation Committee
RI State Grange
RI State Nurses Association
RI State Planning Council
RI State Planning Council Technical Committee
RI State Planning Council Transportation Advisory Committee
RI Student Climate Coalition
RI Tourism Division
RI Trails Advisory Committee
RI Transit Riders (formerly RIPTA Riders Alliance)
RI Tree Council
RI Tree Farm Program
RI Tree Registry
RI Turfgrass Association
RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority
RI Vegan Awareness
RI Vernal Pools
RI Veterinary Medical Association
RI Water Lady
RI Water Resources Board
RI Water Resources Center
RI Weatherization Assistance Program
RI Well Testing
RI Wild Plant Society
RI Women in Agriculture
RI Woodland Partnership
RI Woods
RI Woods
RI Worm Farmers Cooperative
RI Young Farmers and Ranchers
RI Youth Conservation League
RI Zoological Society
Richmond Rural Preservation Land Trust
RISD Nature Lab
RISD Wilderness Club
Riverzedge Arts Project
Rocky Hill School
Rocky Point Foundation
Roger Williams National Memorial
Roger Williams Park
Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
Roger Williams Park Conservancy *
Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History & Planetarium
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Roger Williams University Conservation Corps
Rogers Free Library
Roots 2 Empower
Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation
Ruffed Grouse Society