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RI History

There is an HISTORICAL dimension to the environment, especially in this place that has been inhabited for millenia.

Superfund sites took time to become polluted. Rhode Island has more than 600 dams on its rivers and streams, some of which date back more than 200 years. A few of these dams could fail catastrophically and many need repair or removal. Our long history has left us hundreds of mill buildings that are being repurposed, miles and miles of stone walls, and rolling farms. This place has actually been farmed for many centuries, not only by European settlers, but also by the Narragansett and Wampanoag. It's useful to consider how people lived in this place before the advent of the industrial revolution. History can give us a fresh perspective on how we get things done today.

In 2016, I am still working primarily on entering environment-related information, but some of the news items and event listings concern Rhode Island's history and environment. For instance, in the summer of 2016, Save the Bay features lighthouse tours. The calendar always has the Annual R.I. Statewide Historic Preservation Conference.

Then there are historic gardens and farms to visit, "paddles into the past," and much more! Check out the What Grows On in RI Calendar and search in it using the HISTORY category to find what's "growing on" about our past.