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[This section is at the draft stage.]

As long as we're alive there's work to do! We are born in a process called "labor" (which is not misnamed, I can tell you).  Simply taking care of ourselves is a lot of work: grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, household/yard maintenance, car upkeep, bill paying, paperwork, earning a living, yadda yadda.... Other people, and especially children and sick or elderly people, can create more work for us.

And things don't go well all the time. In fact, there are lots of problems and issues facing us Rhode Islanders. Things fall apart and wear out. There are unintended consequences of human activity. So we always have work to do. You can't "retire" from this stuff. You still need to eat and there will be laundry for somebody to do!

Providential Gardener believes it's important to distinguish WORK from JOBS. Jobs perform some types or portions of work that businesses, governments, and nonprofits cherrypick. One problem is that when businesses, governments and nonprofits have created all the jobs they can, there is still plenty of work left. Everybody knows this - you finish your job for the day and go home, wanting to relax, but instead there's more stuff to do!

PG also distinguishes WORK from DRUDGERY. Work should be lined up with what we enjoy and aspire to.

WORK is going to be a big section of Providential Gardener. There will be a TO DO list, Unnecessary/Necessary Work, JOB postings, and much more.

  • All Hands on Deck!
  • General Issues/Problems
  • Applying "Getting Things Done" Principles to RI
  • Virtual Collaborations
  • Intentional Collaborations
  • Serendipitous Collaborations
  • Unnecessary Work and Jobs
  • Necessary Work and Jobs ~ What really MUST be done?