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This website aims to describe Rhode Island by showing who does what to take care of this place. It highlights constructive, collaborative, and cooperative endeavors. The creator and managing editor, Sue Korté, managing member of White Lilac LLC, welcomes your additions and suggestions. Do you take care of Rhode Island somehow? Let me know!

There's already rather an overwhelming amount of detail here, but that's how modern life is structured. Rube Goldberg would be delighted by the incredibly complicated way we take care of Rhode Island! The goal is to describe Rhode Island, beginning with our physical environment and incorporating how our economy is literally grounded in this place.... daunting, perhaps impossible, but critical if we want to fix the root causes of our state's problems.

I am developing a framework (the structure of this website) and indexing/linking to other online resources to make it easier for Rhode Islanders to grasp what's really "growing on" around here. This is only the beginning, but it is already useful, especially the news feeds, categories, organization directory, and calendars. It will take a long time to flesh this out. Meanwhile, start exploring this site, click on links to the multitude of other websites about Rhode Island's environment and economy, and find your own ways to work together with your neighbors to make Rhode Island prosper!

ProvGardener is short for Providential Gardener. I've found that people stumble over "providential" -- some think it's "provincial" -- so I am yielding a bit and using ProvGardener for the URL. You can read about the origins of Providential Gardener here.

In early 2015, I am shifting material from 4 websites into this one. During this transition, the original websites will remain available, but eventually the other URLs will all redirect here. The websites are: