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About the Directory

It should be easier to find out who does what, but many of the existing groups that focus on Rhode Island's environment are under the radar ~ Google searches do not produce comprehensive, accurate results.

Since 2006, The Providential Gardener has collected information about key, representative organizations for each of the 30+ environmental categories. What you'll find in the Directory for the foreseeable future is just the tip of the iceberg. The first steps for building the full directory are:

  • Focus first on RI nonprofits, volunteer groups and governmental entities, especially in the Conservation and Gardening/Landscaping categories. I am skipping most for-profit corporations on this first pass.
  • As of January 20, 2015, I am adding social service agencies involved in adult education.
  • Businesses, especially related to conservation, gardening, and farming.
  • Add organizations that request listings.
  • Add links to existing online topical organization directories.

FYI, on this first pass through the main environment-related groups, I am mostly gathering addresses and main websites. I am also indexing them by category. You will find a list of groups in the right sidebar for each category. This is rough.... Some groups may want to categorize themselves differently. Categories are adjustable.