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RI Adult Ed Program Providers

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To find current classes by type, time, and place, use the RI Resource Hub. You can enter skill level, etc., in the main page. To find specific current classes, use the advanced search and enter the name of an organization, NEDP, GED, ESL, etc.

Note: RI Resource Hub only lists classes funded by RIDE provided by about 34 organizations. There may also be other classes offered in Rhode Island.

To find all the places for a kind of program begin typing GED, NEDP, ABE....
Town/City Title Programs Volunteer Info
Middletown Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center
Pawtucket Blackstone Valley Community Action Program (BVCAP)

Adult Education: ESL, GED, YouthBuild

Lincoln Center for Workforce & Community Education

Adult Education:

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) seems to be called "Bridge to Best Program" at CCRI. But this may be just Adult Secondary Education? [Why do education professionals rename things needed by people who can't read well??? Why not leave it as Adult Basic Education? Perhaps to take away a supposed stigma? But really it should be easy to find any ABE assistance in Rhode Island! -ed.]
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • GED - "Adult Education provides adult learners opportunities to gain foundation skills through GED preparation and testing and English as a second language (ESL) courses. There are multiple levels of both GED and ESL classes to meet a range of educational needs. Staff also helps students transition from ESL and GED classes to credit-bearing or certification courses. To speak with staff, please call 401-455-6144." [From the website, March 2, 2019]
  • There are other Career Training programs in health care, trades, manufacturing, and technology.
Central Falls Central Falls High School

Adult Education: Project RIRAL offers ESL, ABE, ASE, GED, and NEDP evening classes at Central Falls High School; [also note: Project LEARN offers FREE Adult ESL classes (for parents of students in Central Falls schools).]

Providence Community Action Partnership of Providence (CAPP)

Adult Education: ABE, advanced ESOL, pre-GED classes. Improve reading, writing, math, computer skills were offered in 2015, but do not appear on the website in November 2016. There is only a bookkeeping certificate program.

Volunteer Needs: Computer Instructor Intern. See this page and fill out the 2016 volunteer application.

Lincoln Community College of RI - Flanagan Campus

Adult Education: ESL (6 levels of basic English).

Student Success Center, for students accepted for admission to CCRI.

See Center for Workforce and Community Education.

Warwick Community College of RI - Knight Campus

Adult Education: Career Pathways

Student Success Center, for students accepted for admission to CCRI.

See Center for Workforce and Community Education. Some programs may be available only at other CCRI campuses.

Providence Community College of RI - Liston Campus

Adult Education: ESL, GED Ready.

Student Success Center, for students accepted for admission to CCRI.

See Center for Workforce and Community Education.

Newport Community College of RI - Newport Campus
Providence Community College of RI - Shepard Building

Adult Education: See Center for Workforce and Community Education.

Student Success Center, for students accepted for admission to CCRI.

Cranston Cranston Adult Education Programs

Adult Education: GED, Vocational Training

Providence Crossroads Rhode Island
Providence Dorcas International Institute North Campus
Providence Dorcas International Institute South Campus
Cranston Doric Center ~ Comprehensive Community Action Program (CAP)
Newport East Bay Skills Alliance - Lower Bay Region (Eastbay CAP)
Peace Dale Education Exchange
. Education to Go - ed2go

Adult Education: Online courses provided through CCRIILSR and at least two other RI schools. Courses include preparing for the Math GED Test, GED Preparation, Grammar Refresher, Grammar for ESL, Writing for ESL.

Providence English for Action

Adult Education: ESL (7 levels), Pre-GED (NEDP), Native language (Spanish) literacy, Action Committee (leadership skills development), Conversation Partners.

Classes are held at William D'Abate School in the evenings, M-Th. Another class is offered at the English for Action office in the mornings, M-Th.

Volunteers Needed: Assistant ESL facilitators, youth mentors, soccer tournament volunteers. Volunteers in the Adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program work as Assistant ESOL Facilitators, and learn to lesson plan and facilitate adult English classes (mornings and evenings). Also need youth mentors, soccer tournament volunteers.

Providence Genesis Center

Adult Education: ESL, NEDP, Citizenship, Job Skills

Volunteers Needed: Workforce Training/Mock Interview Day, conversation tutor, citizenship tutor, student support center tutors, ESL tutors, computer lab volunteer, financial literacy volunteer, garden volunteer

Providence Goodwill Industries of RI
Cranston Institute for Labor Studies and Research
Kingston Kingston Free Library
Providence Learning Lounge
Warren Literacy Volunteers of East Bay (LVEB)

Adult Education: ABE, ASE, GED, NED (=NEDP), ESL (ELL = English language learner). Students meet with tutors in public places, such as East Providence Public Library, Barrington Public Library, and in fall 2015, Pawtucket Public Library, as well as at the office in Warren and another location in Newport.

Volunteers Needed: Literacy tutors

Coventry Literacy Volunteers of Kent County
Westerly Literacy Volunteers of Washington County - Westerly

Adult Education: Small literacy groups (ABE, ESL), Citizenship Group, Staffed computer lab, GED or External Diploma (NEDP) prep, financial literacy, workforce literacy

Volunteers Needed: Tutors, office help, fundraiser organizers, committee members

Providence Mount Hope Learning Center

Adult Education: GED, ESL, computer literacy

The Mt. Hope Learning Center is currently looking for volunteers to teach various classes for adults. If you are interested in volunteering to teach or tutor a small group in computer literacy, ESL, or GED, please send an email to:

Charlestown Narragansett Indian Tribe

Adult Education: High school completion, learning skills instruction and cultural education awareness.

Newport Newport Even Start
Central Falls Progreso Latino
Woonsocket Project Learn

Adult Education: ABE (6th-8th grade reading level), Computer Instruction, ESL, Family literacy, individual tutoring, Distance Learning. The GED subjects taught are Mathematics, Writing and reading for Social Studies, Science and Literature. In addition, original text or categories of interest to the class.  Students have access to the internet and researched based software.

ADULT EDUCATION: "Without the help of our volunteers, we would not be able to help the hundreds of people in our community learn to communicate more effectively. Project Learn serves adults locally and can certainly use the help in our computer lab, our one on one learning tutors and many other administrative areas if you like. Learn more about how you can help adult readers in your community. Learn more about how you can make a difference in the local community through sharing your knowledge. Connect through the form on the Adult Education Volunteer Page.

Also see the Donate page for giving newer computers and books (but call first).

Woonsocket Project Learn (Community Care Alliance)

Adult Education: Youth Success (pregnant and parenting teens under age 20, regardless of income.) GED, NEDP high school diploma, parenting training. Adult Literacy: ESL, GED, Wilson Reading System.

Classes are held at the Project LEARN offices at One Social Street, Woonsocket RI as well as the Woonsocket Public Library, the Cumberland Public Library, the Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy in Cumberland and the Central Falls Housing Authority.


Adult Ed: Volunteer tutors are needed.

Providence Providence Housing Authority

Adult Education: Resident adults are offered opportunities for lifelong learning and the acquisition of skills necessary to improve income and attain self sufficiency. Programs include a Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS), Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, Basic Computer instruction, Life Skills Training, Financial Literacy, and Homeownership services.

Providence Providence Housing Authority Education and Training Center

Adult Education: Basic (ABE), GED, ESL, NEDP,  Job Training, Basic Computer Instruction, Life Skills Training, Financial Literacy, Family Self Sufficiency (FSS), Home Ownership, Family Success Center

Providence RI College Outreach Program
Cranston RI Department of Corrections Education Department

Adult Education: literacy development, ESL instruction, pre GED, and GED preparation.  The goals of the ABE grant program are to increase its students' functional literacy level and to provide its students with the capability to make a smooth reentry into their community upon release.

Providence RI Educational Opportunity Center
Providence RI Family Literacy Initiative

Adult Education: EDP (NEDP), ESL, Citizenship, Computer Literacy, Family Literacy, College and Career Transition, Work Experiences

Providence RI Indian Council
Woonsocket RI Regional Adult Learning (RIRAL)

Adult Education Programs: Skill Building, ESL, GED, NEDP, Transition to College (TTC)

Wakefield South County Community Action
Pawtucket Students Taking Action Now with Determination (STAND)
Johnston Tri-Town Community Action Agency
Warwick Westbay Community Action
Woonsocket Woonsocket Even Start

Adult Education: ABE, GED, ESL, Family literacy