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So, You're a Rhode Islander...

You're one in a million! And you are lucky! This is a great place to live.

But what do you know about Rhode Island? For instance:

  • What was the official name of the state?
  • Who is doing what in Rhode Island to make the economy "work" and to take care of this place?
  • Can you name all the cities and towns? Have you visited all of them?
  • Do you know who represents you at every level of government?
  • Could you give tours for visitors, new residents, and/or other Rhode Islanders of 10 interesting places in the state?
  • Can you explain how the state and your municipal governments are supposed to work (without being cynical or snarky about it)?
  • Do you know where to find out about public meetings in Rhode Island?
  • Do you know WHY Rhode Island exists, why it was not absorbed by Connecticut and/or Massachusetts?
  • Do you know how it happens that water comes out of the taps in your house, or at your business/school/etc.?
  • Do you know where our food comes from and how it gets here to Rhode Island?
  • Do you know how close Rhode Island's Superfund sites are to your home or places you frequent?
  • Do you know how long human beings have lived in this place now called Rhode Island, and how they had their livings?
  • Why is Rhode Island a "lively experiment"?
  • Why is our capital city named Providence?

Questions, questions. There are so many! As I compose this page, it's December 31, 2014. Time for new year's resolutions. But whenever you read this, I hope you will not just resolve to learn more about this place you live in and call home. Decide on a project for yourself and find the answers to one or more of the above questions. Or make up your own question about Rhode Island and investigate. Get out there and explore "Beautiful Rhode Island!"

P.S. Speaking of questions, you can try answering the 584 questions about Rhode Island on quiz.

And the Secretary of State has a Little Rhodies Kid's Zone that links to a RI trivia quiz and other info.

Here is a link to US Census data about Rhode Island.