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Mount Hope Bay Greenway

"The Mount Hope Bay Greenway (MHBG) is a proposed shared-use trail through the City of Fall River from the Battleship Cove area along the railroad Right-Of-Way (ROW) corridor south to the State of Rhode Island border at Tiverton, RI."

From the feasibility report January 3, 2022

Last Green Valley (The)

"The Last Green Valley is two things - it's the 35-town National Heritage Corridor in eastern Connecticut and south-central Massachusetts, and it’s also your member-supported, non-profit stewardship organization working for you in the National Heritage Corridor.  We help you to care for it, enjoy it, and pass it on to the next generation."

From the website November 4, 2021

[This National Heritage Corridor includes western RI as well -ed.]

Grace Note Farm

"Grace Note Farm, also known as the Benjamin Smith homestead farm c. 1730, is nestled in the northwest corner of Rhode Island adjacent to the George Washington Management area."

From the website April 8, 2021

This farm cares for animals, especially horses. Miles of horseback riding trails are nearby.

Land Access Working Group

"Th e Land Access Working Group. The LAWG’s goal is to open up access to farmland by having personal conversations with landowners about how best to protect their interests and by developing web-based tools for facilitation, all while making farmland accessible and affordable for growing farm businesses."

"LAWG partners include Young Farmer Network, The Nature Conservancy of RI, RI Department of Environmental Management, RI Land Trust Council, Northern RI Conservation District and Land for Good."

Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI

"Funded by 11th Hour Racing, Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI is a two-year project that aims to tackle ocean pollution at its root: on land. The initiative brings together existing composting efforts across the state in an integrated waste management model that diverts food waste from the landfill...."

Launch date: December 7, 2018.

From the launch announcement, November 28, 2018.


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