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Rhode Island Environmental News

Ideally I'd index the relevant stuff and discard the rest regularly, but I am not devoting my time to this in 2018 and 2019. It would be useful to have this compilation of news from a wide variety of responsible local organizations, though. This is a sample of what could be if more people started working on this project. I did index news from the beginning of 2015 into 2018, with a few gaps. It's possible to keep this up in an hour or two a day. But then I can't do other stuff..... SK


[First published in early 2015}  News about Rhode Island's environment is gathered automatically from blogs and feeds, and almost every source originates in Rhode Island. This processcatches some stories that aren't  important or relevant to this website, but everything here is in order of latest date published at top. Some of the feeds don't alwaysn work, some need adjustment, and some stories I see in newspapers or websites that I want to include but can't be brought in automatically, so some news is missing. Eventually, this news service will be refined, but there's plenty to read already.

A more useful way to read the news is by category. I assign environmental categories to news stories as I read them, which sometimes means they don't show up for a little while if I'm taking a break from indexing things here. I don't index the irrelevant stuff. Some stories go back to 2010 because their news feeds were set up to deliver older stories, not just the usual 5 or 10 stories.

Providential Gardener does not necessarily agree or disagree with any of the views expressed in these blogs. Facts may or may not be accurate. So read thoughtfully and do your own research in reliable sources. Of course, in this day and age of the Wild-West internet where everyone can publish their opinions, it's a serious and important question what "reliable sources" might be....

If you want to subscribe to one of the news sources directly, go to the source and grab the rss feed. In the menu, there is a list of news sources.