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Other Calendar Views

EVERY EVENT is either in the RI Environmental Calendar or in the Ongoing Calendar. Ongoing events add a lot of clutter because they repeat every day, so they are separate. The events scroll across the top of the RI Environmental Calendar page.

Depending on the purpose and policy of two other organizations, SOME of the events that fit their profile are on the Environment Council of RI (ECRI) and the RI Northeast Organic Farm Association (NOFA RI).

ecoRI, RI Department of Environmental Management Events page, and RI Resource Recovery Corporation's Cleanup page link to either the whole calendar (ecoRI - bottom of their calendar page), or a segment of it. A few other groups have had their own calendars, but for various reasons they're not all deployed at the moment. Some governmental organizations have rules that prohibit putting the kind of code that runs the Calendar on their websites. However, I still can host them and they may link to them. One of these is the calendar for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

For the convenience of those who only want to see part of the Calendar, there are some special filtered views for Event Types, Topics, selected Featured Events, and Recently Added Events.