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About Providential Gardener

The original Typepad blog (May 2006 - December 2014) had about 500 posts. Providential Gardener outgrew that blog quickly. Clearly there were not only things to comment about; there were zillions of events and news stories by other people. I was playing around with words in a post one day and wrote the phrase, "growing on around here" -- It seemed like a good title, and so in September 2007, I announced a "new sprout" -- the What Grows On in Rhode Island News Blog (September 2007 to November 2012).

These old websites might be useful for finding background on various environmental trends. A lot of this information has probably fallen off the internet elsewhere. But please pardon the broken links and obsolete information! I run things differently now and haven't updated all of it, so don't rely on directions there. Use this email to contact me.