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A new Liberty Tree, grown from a seed of the last surviving original tree, a grand tulip poplar that lived more than 400 years in Maryland, was planted on April 27, 2007 at the Roger Williams National Memorial on North Main Street in Providence, RI. It's just down the road from the site of Rhode Island's original Liberty Tree, an elm chosen by the Sons of Liberty in 1768 that stood on the north side of Olney Street and North Main.

Most of us never give categories much thought -- the librarians* among us are most likely to think about this, but even many librarians find cataloging boring and tedious. The fact is that everyone automatically categorizes everything every waking moment. Let yourself think about this: you got up this morning and you did different things in the bathroom than in the kitchen. You put clothes on, not the drapes. You looked for forks or spoons in the silverware drawer, not the sock drawer. And so on.

Westerly's Wilcox Park was designed by a former associate of Frederick Law Olmstead in the early 20th century, and it is truly a beautiful space with many activities during the summer. One of those activities is a walkaround to view the Wilcox Park Champion Trees on second Saturdays, May through October.

Indoor Farming is also known as Vertical Farming.

Definition of Indoor Farming (Vertical Farming)

A method of growing food indoors in stacked layers, for instance, in a skyscraper, warehouse, or shipping container.

Elm trees are growing again in Providence’s North Burial Ground thanks to Forest Hills Nurseries of Cranston. The tree donation was an unexpected add-on to one of my bucket-list items: I wanted to plant a tree to Providence -- but not just any tree -- a good-sized copper beach that would outlive me.


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