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Barrington Farm School

Established in 2018, the Barrington Farm School is a 3-acre, 501(c)(3) non-profit farm in Barrington whose mission is to grow food, inspire learning, build community, and foster connection to the land, with the support of dedicated volunteers. Our vision for the farm is to be a thriving, inclusive community farm committed to restoring soil health, offering environmental education, promoting equitable food justice, and instilling an appreciation for the natural habitat and bounty

Urban Growers Leadership Program

The Urban Growers Leadership Program is a bilingual, informational series consisting of workshops, farm tours and a skill-share program for leading urban farmers and gardeners in Providence County, RI. / Urban Growers Cob Qhia Thawj Coj yog yuav qhia ua ntau hom lus, yuav kawm ua ntu zuj zus, yuav mus ncig saib tej teb, qhia txog yam yus txhawj, kom los coj tau cov tib neeg ua teb nyob rau hauv nroog Providence RI."

Little City Growers Cooperative

"t doesn't get more local than this.  We are a Providence based farmer-run cooperative, offering the highest quality seasonal produce available. Since 2004, Little City has provided chemical-free produce to some of the best restaurants in town, as well as at our neighborhood farmers’ market."

Little City is Red Planet Vegetables, City Farm, Scratch Farm, Sidewalk Ends Farm and Florence and Manton Farm.

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Grace Note Farm

"Grace Note Farm, also known as the Benjamin Smith homestead farm c. 1730, is nestled in the northwest corner of Rhode Island adjacent to the George Washington Management area."

From the website April 8, 2021

This farm cares for animals, especially horses. Miles of horseback riding trails are nearby.


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