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Grace Note Farm

"Grace Note Farm, also known as the Benjamin Smith homestead farm c. 1730, is nestled in the northwest corner of Rhode Island adjacent to the George Washington Management area."

From the website April 8, 2021

This farm cares for animals, especially horses. Miles of horseback riding trails are nearby.

Forestry for the RI Birds Project

The Bryson Tree Farm in Richmond is a demonstration woodlot for the Forestry for the RI Birds Project, a program of the RI Resource Conservation & Development Council. Structural habitat conditions and a bird survey have been conducted by the Audubon Society of RI, a partner of this project.

No website found for this project on September 22, 2019

URI Wetland Ecology and Herpetology Lab

"The work of our group is directed at understanding the ecology of wetland ecosystems and amphibians and reptiles and quantifying impacts of humans' activities on them. Our overall goal is to develop and aid in the implementation of achievable and practical solutions that will protect biodiversity but allow for management activities in natural areas. Much of our research is done in national parks and preserves in the United States, China, Thailand, and Indonesia."

From the website, June 4, 2019.

Beavertail Aquarium

The RI Park Naturalist program runs the Beavertail Aquarium, which is housed in what was the foghorn house for the Beavertail Lighthouse.  The tanks in the aquarium are set up to imitate the environment of the Jamestown shoreline.  From crabs to fish and shellfish, there's always something new to discover at the aquarium.  Staff collect samples of marine life for the aquarium and return them to their natural habitat after a couple of weeks. They also facilitate tidal pool explorations along the shore at low tide, and host special events such as Bioluminescence Night.

RI Environmental Monitoring Collaborative

"The Rhode Island Environmental Monitoring Collaborative (RIEMC) was statutorily established to coordinate environmental monitoring strategies among a broad range of partners as well as to identify state monitoring priorities. The RIEMC brings together stakeholders from executive agencies, university-based programs, non-governmental organizations, and others to enhance coordination and collaboration." Read more.

- From the website, August 2, 2018

New England Fishery Management Council

"The New England Fishery Management Council, one of eight regional councils established by federal legislation in 1976, is charged with conserving and managing fishery resources from three to 200 miles off the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut" 

- From the website, July 20,2018

The council also connects the fishing industry with information about the development of offshore wind projects.


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