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Why This Journal? (Renamed Blog June 24)

The other day I saw a suggestion about keeping a journal of personal experiences/observations as the Covid-19 pandemic develops and overtake the world. Good idea, I thought, so I'm starting the ProvGardener Covid-19 Journal to document this extraordinary situation from my point of view. Some posts may be about the virus in general, but I want to focus primarily on what's going on in Rhode Island. Additionally, until the federal response rises to the occasion, I'm also following and documenting what is happening (and not happening) at that level.

I'm tracking the number of cases reported by the RI Department of Health, plus writing short summaries of significant occurrences by date. See Tracking the Incidence of Covid-19 in RI. And because Italy has been so hard hit, and there were warnings that it was just a matter of time before the U.S. situation would look like Italy's, I have been tracking those numbers as well in this chart. The federal preparation and response notes are  organized by date of occurrence and/or publication, but are incomplete. This is more than enough for one person to follow!

6/24/20: A journal would literally be a report day by day of observations, events, etc. I couldn't produce posts for so long that this needs to be just a blog. But I have a lot of material from the past few motnhs I want to produce eventually.