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 I began compiling this page on December 1, 2022. That day there were at least 30 tents on the Smith Street side of the State House on the plaza (Providence Journal page A1). According to the RI Coalition to End Homelessness website, at least 1339 Rhode Islanders have no homes, 507 of whom are living outside today. It should not surprise anyone that it gets cold well before December, and there is an extraordinary, unprecedented need for housing. The numbers of people unable to keep a roof over their heads and/or at risk of losing their housing have been increasing for months. This situation needed at least a temporary solution months ago. And it's needed a permanent solution for many years.

But most pressing is to get people out of the cold.

We had called for a lot of resources in the summer for shelter and housing, and unfortunately those weren’t all received….. [N]ow it’s hard to deploy stuff really quickly. You need that time. This is a public health crisis and it really necessitates a state of emergency and treating it like the emergency that it is.”

- Caitlin Frumerie, Executive Director, Coalition to End Homelessness. Uprise RI, Dec 7, 2022
Several online news sources have been highlighting the situation.
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