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Greenhouse Gases in Rhode Island

Greenhouse gases (GHG) trap heat in the atmosphere. The four most important gases are:


Main Greenhouse Gas Information Sources

Some of the links are to pages that were removed from or their URLs were renamed on federal websites in 2017.

  1. The EPA website gives background information on greenhouse gases, including sources of emissions, data (global, national, and facility), and an individual calculator.
  2. Energy Information Administration provides another overview and explains why atmospheric levels are increasing.
  3. Greenhouse Gas Protocol - for companies preparing an emissions inventory.
  4. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is a market-based regulatory origram that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Rhode Island is a member of this, and receives funds from the program that are used for energy efficiency programs. See the Elements of RGGI page for an overview.
  5. American Chemical Society Climate Science Toolkit - Greenhouse Gas section. Topics include properties of greenhouse gases, changes since the Industrial Revolution, and sources and sinks. Sinks are ways that greenhouse gases are captured and removed from the atmosphere.
  6. Greenhouse gases explained for kids.


Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Information Sources

  1. Office of Energy Resources - This includes rules and regulations, plan documents for several years, plus reports on how the funds were used.
  2. The RGGI Investments of Proceeds page has links to reports for recent years with specific information about Rhode Island.
  3. RI DEM RGGI and RI CO2 Budget Trading Program page.
  4. Brown University has a RI Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report from 2000. , with data from that time. An accompanying Educational Resources page still has active - outdated but still potentially useful - links.
  5. RI Greenhouse Gas Process - for historical background and documents dating from 2001-2007
  6. URI has done a Greenhouse Gas Inventory.