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Providence Public Building Authority

Providence Public Building Authority (PPBA) was established under R.I.G.L. §§ seq.

The following  208-page report has much information on what PPBA can do and includes financial info:

From Report Of The Providence City Council Bond Study Commission, July 7, 2015: "The PPBA holds title to all of the City’s buildings (including its school buildings), and the City pays the financing costs for the bonds issued by the PPBA.(The City also pays the cost of maintaining its buildings.)"


This is staffed by the Providence Planning and Development Division, but there is no listing I can find of who is on this Authority. One can find some names in the filed minutes of the Building Authority on the Secretary of State's page. (ed. - March 4, 2018)



c/o Pkanning Division 444 Westminster St, Providence, Rhode Island 02903