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Cozy Rhody Litter Clean-up

We're a group of volunteers that are committed to improving our community by cleaning up litter, as the name implies :)

Cleaning up Providence one piece of trash at a time!

This group is open to anyone interested in helping to pick up trash around our beautiful state of Rhode Island. We'll organize monthly gatherings in public locations, all you need is a grabber or gloves and a trash receptacle (bag or bucket). This is a free, easy and accessible activity that has a direct impact on the environment. All ages welcome!

Through the pandemic we've been able to organize safely by following social distancing guidelines and 100% compliance with mask regulations. Our events have also become a healthy way to have some social interaction; many of our members live alone and feel the strain of isolation. Since our foundation in September 2020, we've cleaned up parks in Providence, East Providence and Warwick.

From email and Meetup page, January 2021.

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