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Building the Critical Links: Recommendations of the Rhode Island Governor’s Adult Literacy Taskforce. August 2004


Although this report is now more than 10 years old, it is valuable and should be used for perspective on RI Adult Education today. Several questions that arise from reading it:

    • Staffing in 2004 is given (p. 18). What is the current staffing of adult education programs in 2014-15?
    • Number of adult education providers for 2004 is given (p. 18). How many adult education providers are there in 2014-15?
    • What happened with "workforce readiness certification" in Rhode Island (p. 37)?
    • Funding sources for adult education for FY2003-FY2005 are identified (p. 43). Where is a list of comparable funding sources for FY2015?
    • Dorcas International Institute has implemented the "Equipped for the Future (EFF)" 16 skills. How many other adult education providers also find them useful, and how does focusing on these skills make the programs better?