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Project Get Ready RI

See Drive Electric Cars New England (DECNE).

From an email sent on 9/17/14 by Al Dahlberg, who led the Project Get Ready effort in RI:

I am pleased to announce the launch of Drive Electric Cars New England (DECNE).

This new non-profit is a chapter of the Electric Auto Association, dedicated to promoting the adoption of electric cars through direct consumer and public education, infrastructure development (particularly workplace charging), and policy initiatives.  Please join us at

My partners in this effort are Chevy Volt owner and motivational EV speaker Mark Renburke, who focuses on education/outreach and John Gilbrook, with Chargepoint, who directed the installation of the fifty station network in RI last summer.  As before, I remain in my full-time position as Director of State and Community Relations at Brown University.

While Project Get Ready RI is now closed, the fifty station network is going strong with active use by hundreds of electric car owners and over 6,200 charges to date.  I know the electric vehicle stakeholder community that I created will be sustained and strengthened through DECNE and Ocean State Clean Cities.



., Providence, Rhode Island .