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NEW: A Research Guide to Homelessness in Rhode Island

Providential Gardener is developing a research guide on homelessness. Read about the guide, explore the guide, and follow the news.

Narragansett Food Sovereignty Initiative

"Narragansett Tribal Food Sovereignty Initiative was established to enable Narragansett people to provide food, health, and wellness through sustainable agriculture, economic development, community involvement, and cultural and educational programs."

- From the website, July 26, 2018

The Crandall Minacommuck Farm, owned by the Narragansett, enables the tribe to develop initiatives to improve the health and sustainability of their community.

Young Farmer Network of Southeastern New England

"The Young Farmer Network of Southeastern New England is an organization of farmers based in Providence and serving the surrounding region, including farmers from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We are a farmer-run network that works towards the viability of new farms by providing opportunities for education and advocacy, and strengthening the social and professional networks between farmers from all backgrounds and ages.

Salt Ponds Coalition

"SPC conducts ongoing water-quality surveys, public outreach programs and works to focus legislative and regulatory attention on protecting these valuable resources. We spearhead land preservation and habitat restoration projects and partner with other groups to achieve results. SPC also conducts educational events and seminars for all who are interested in the salt pond environment. SPC-guided kayak tours are popular outings and feature guest experts who point out and discuss areas of interest and concern.


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