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Back to Basics

Today, March 17, 2020, TV and online news stories overwhelm me by their sheer numbers and range of topics. I do have other stuff to do besides keep a journal, so how can this be summarized? I just can't do it, so here are a few items.

CBS This Morning - March 17, 2020 (8am-8:30 approx)

Stories included problem of inadequate supplies of ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers. Federal government is not managing this well. Yesterday the president said that states should get their own supplies, but this pits states against each other. Federal government should take charge and prioritize who gets critical supplies, commented one of the people interviewed.

Regarding recession fears, viewers were advised to go into "conservation mode," "back to basics," namely, food and shelter. Utility shutoffs have been banned and student debt interest is suspended for now. Internet providers (AT&T and Verizon were specifically mentioned) are making changes to help people work online, including ramping up speed. Cox has not sent customers (as far as I know) emails about what they're doing. But the website lists ways they're helping low-income people get online with low-cost no-contract accounts.

"Back to basics" was mentioned three times in 20 minutes. "Forbearance" was another word that the hosts thought was a novel idea. When this whole thing is past, we need to remember that "basics" are always essential, in good times and in dire circumstances. How soon we humans forget, though.

Life is most important.

A note about the ads: The crowd seeking coffee ad was shown again (mentioned in yesterday's post). Other than that one, most of the ads did not feature crowds. But can they redo the ads that keep urging viewers to "tell your doctor," ask your doctor"? Even though they may not be in the thick of the fray right now, most doctors in the world have other things on their minds.