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Why Isn't My Blog/Feed Here?

I've been looking for feeds of news from Rhode Island sources, but it is easy to miss some. Other reasons feeds aren't here:

  • The blog/feed doesn't have useful stuff related to Rhode Island's environment or economy.
  • The blog/feed has a lot of stuff that is not related to Rhode Island's environment or economy (I may get to these, but getting rid of irrelevant material is time consuming. There already are some blogs in the list with some irrelevant stuff, and I'm aiming at the low-hanging fruit first.)
  • The blog/feed hasn't had postings for months or years.
  • The blog/feed isn't working (please contact me if you have a RI environment- or economy-focused broken feed)
  • The blog/feed is coming from Facebook (Many Facebook email notices require that you be logged in. But everybody does not have Facebook accounts. ProvGardener wants to encourage publicly available online information.)
  • I didn't find the blog/feed yet. Tell me about it!