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About Teach-In on Trump and the Environment

The recording is available online.


"Simple solutions are rare."* Caring for our local environment is complicated.

*Prof. Stephen Pordner at 48:40 in Teach-In on Trump and Environment. Especially note minutes 47-48, but the whole video is worthwhile. -- SK


Some brief info about the panel:

Host: emPower at Brown University. emPower is the umbrella organization for environmental student groups at Brown.

Time: Thursday 2/2/16, 7-8:30pm
Location: MacMillan Hall, Brown University

The panelists were:

  • Elizabeth Hoover, Manning Assistant Professor of American Studies, Brown University
  • Matthew Hodgetts, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, Brown University
  • Stephen Porder, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Fellow of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown University
  • Timmons Roberts, Professor of Sociology and Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies, Brown University

The moderator was Lauren Maunus, Undergraduate (Environmental Studies, Class of 2019), Brown University.

The event consisted of approximately 10 minutes of introductions, then 45 minutes of prepared questions for the panel, followed by 30 minutes of open Q&A with panelists and attendees.

Approximately 300 people attended, from universities, environmental organizations, and community groups across Rhode Island. Groups that spoke during the open Q&A/discussion included:

Topics discussed included:

  • The role of science in the Trump administration and historical precedent for the EPA gag order, climate denial in the federal government, etc.
  • Impacts of proposed Trump policies on different groups domestically and internationally (and particularly on indigenous communities in the US).
  • The future of renewable energy growth and energy policy at the state and national level.
  • Connections between environmental and other growing social justice movements in response to Trump.
  • Policymaking and enforcement at the local level (through zoning, real estate, local waterway management organizations, etc.)

The organizers shared this fact sheet with all atendees at the beginnning of the event: and shared this next-steps/resource document via social media following the event.